Minggu, 02 Januari 2011

New Year


Did you have a great new years eve?
well, mine was strange yet funny.

well, I was in Jakarta when new years eve. Actually, me and my boyfriend didn't have any plan for new years eve. Our plan was to just enjoy holiday in Bogor and Jakarta. We thought that maybe we could celebrate NYE with his cousin. But who knows that his cousin already had plans to celebrate NYE. Then we had plan to go to central park because my friend told me that there were a huge fireworks there when christmas and maybe at NYE too.

So, at the afternoon, we were hanging out with my boyfriend's mom, sister, and nephew in Gandaria City. We had lunch and accompany raysa (his nephew) whom she very active and like to run everywhere. She just 2,5 years old but very clever :) We spent time in Gandaria City and it went late, until 6.30 pm. Then we went home to send off my bf sister and nephew. But you know what?? We stuck in the traffic jam because unluckily the traffic lights was off. We got stuck until the car couldn't go forward. We stuck almost more than two hour then we decided to turn over and thorugh another road and it worked, Alhamdulillah :) And finally we reached my bf sister home. aaaaaaa, finalllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Since we were very hungry, than we ate together. And we got home and through 00.00 am in our way home. This is very silly yet drive us crazy. haha. This will be an unforgettable moment. Anyway, I love freworks and I thought I couldn't see it because this bad traffic jam. But hey, I saw it in our way home, fireworks everywhere. Yeah, it made my day for a little bit :D

Happy New Years everyone :)
Here it is some of my resolution for 2011 :
1. Graduated in July 2011 and get bachelor degree (bismillah)
2. Take French course ;)
3. Take TOEFL test and the score reach > 550
3. Do my hair make over (cutting or coloring) hehehe
4. Be more grateful and mature
5. Wise in spending money
6. Holiday to Jogja or Bali and go abroad again :D
7. Get a job after my graduation ;)
8. Make everyone whom I love happy :D

What's yours?
Whatever it is, try to reach it because nothing is impossible

miss sunshine


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