Jumat, 14 Januari 2011

it is not easy dude, so much distraction

Well, well, well, if you read my previous post, I said about my target to be graduated on July 2011. In order to achieve that, I should made research (final assignment). And, it need to be started since this week. My supervisor lecture told me and my friends, which is also supervised by him, that we have to do preface seminar in 1st week of February> aaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~

At first I thought it won't be difficult, but now, YEAH, it is hard to start. auuoooooo.
It need a lot of motivation and energy to do it *sigh* Besides that, it needs an ability to make a sentence and elaborate them into a good paragraph. Hey, I'm not a writer *so what am i doing now??*

Just like today, actually, I have to start finishing my preface, but what am i doing?
At first I want to do it, then the distraction begins. first, when I saw twitter's time line, everybody talked about what lecture will they take in the last semester, and suddenly I wanted to open ol.akademik.itb.ac.id and started to fill my KRS (choose what lecture I'm gonna take). Is it end? nooo, then suddenly I was searching about full bright scholarship. Indeed I found full bright master degree program to US, france, and etc. I began to download it. wohoooo, then I start my "preface" thingy *BIG LIE!! suddenly I remembered that I haven't write in my blog for couple days. Then voila, I began to browse and browse and browse. I added Feedjit and ShoutMix to my blog. cool huh? what the?? *absurd*
Okay,then I realised I spend 4 hours using (wasting-red) my time with very very very a little progress in my preface *sadly*

aaaaaaaaa, well my boyfriend said this (from twitter):

Here is the translation:
Me: Oh my, today I am feeling so lazy, I do not know why
Him: Move on! Do your final assignment!!
Me: I tried to gather my intention. It is so hard
Him: Welcome to "final assignment" world ! But you can not lazy!!

It sort of boost my mood, but hmmmmmmm
First, I have to take a shower. ahaha. bye.

miss sunshine


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