Rabu, 05 Januari 2011

trip to Bogor

holiday, yeah it something that I really need after this tiring and stressful semester. Me and my boyfriend decided to have holiday in Bogor. We also spent time with his parents and it was sweet :)

We spent a day in Bogor. We went sightseeing and ate in some places. We called it "wisata kuliner".

First was PIA-apple pie :3
You must try apple pie and chicken pie. soooooooooo heavenly great :9

yummy. apple pie and chicken pie :)

yuris' dad, mom, and yuris

Then, next destination was Death by Chocolate
You have to try death by chocolate for only Rp 48.000. The taste is sooooooo yummmyyyyyy. You should try the tester also :p

me at death by chocolate

Last but not least, macaroni panggang
We had lunch in here. What I recommend? hmm, baked macaroni of course :)
"macaroni panggang"

nice place ;)

FYI, the owner of these places is the same! wooooo. The service was really nice either. You should try to visit Bogor and these 3 places ;) And they didn't open any branch. So in order to taste apple pie, death by chocolate, and baked macaroni you should visit Bogor.


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