Rabu, 16 Juni 2010



it's been 2 weeks i have this internship things..well at first, i'm kind of soooo excited and really miss home..but then i become used to it..the wake up in the morning thing, the metromini thing, this suit thing, the wedges thing..hyahya..
yeah, i feel comfy with my office suit, everyday i wear white shirt and skirt, sometimes pants..well, i like it but sometimes i miss my casual outfit and i don't bring it to jakarta since it will occupied my whole bag :p
hmmm..but in this day of 17, i feel sooo boring.. i dunno, i think me and winnie are just an unknown visitor of the office..it's different when we're in the main office, everyone welcome and we can share each other..
don't think to bad about my experience, though some people are nice to us and always say hi, even the fresh graduate guy who kind of been flirty to us..yaaiikk, go ahead find other girl, we already have a bf though *ouuchh* :p
now i'm writing this while i'm listening to my playlist in my phone..and it's kind of make my day..hehe..
i can't wait for saturday when my bf come to j-town and we're gonna hang out :-*

even we feel bored these are some pictures that we took or it just our photo session :D

happy working evryone, enjoy your day :D because every day is blessed from God