Senin, 14 November 2011

Me Want These!!!

These fashion items are so tempting. Will somebody give me one of these things? :p

1. White American Apparel Shirt + Navy American Apparel Pants
Skinny pants which I love ;)

2. Accessories
I'm a huge fan of accessories, especially necklaces and bracelets and this thing is cute
3. Lace Shift Jane Dress
Lace dress = lovely + simple

4. Brick Red Two Way Bagpack Stylesofia Bag
This what I called an inovation! Love the color and utility ;)

5. Burnt Orange Pleated Shorts
Love it love it

6. Decimal Wedges
One word: bold!!!

and visit mine here

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Jumat, 04 November 2011

The Next Step

Heyhooo, it's been a (very) while! Whaddup?

I am writing this post in different place that I used to be. Here it goes. I am now living in Palembang, well it's not for long, it's just for almost 3 months.
This is actually my first time in Sumatra. I kinda enjoy it, yeah, because I am not alone here. I am here with my 8 other friends.

ooops, I almost forgot, now I am working in Indonesia Port II Company. That's the reason now I am in the land of Sumatra.

Well, these are some pictures that I took ;)

At Jakabaring Sport City

Pagoda at Kemaro Island

Ampera ;)

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller
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Selasa, 19 Juli 2011

LET ME HEAR YA! GRA GRA GRADUATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16th July 2011,
Alhamdulillah dear Almighty Allah.

Thank you:
- Mom and Dad

- My sister, Ila

- Yuris Ramadhan

- My super bestfriends: Zeinda, Asun, Andel, Ipuy, Nene, Dita, Dinda, Rera, Medi, Naya, Hap2, Ape, Kiki

- My great friends: Civil Engineering class 2007



Without you all, I won't be like this and 16th July 2011 won't be my one of greatest day.
It is not me who special, but it is you who make me feel special :*

I am grateful for everything that has happened since I stepped my foot in Ganesha :") This is not the end, surely it is a new beginning of a beautiful life ahead.
Bless me God.


miss sunshine

Jumat, 10 Juni 2011


Alhamdulillahirabbalalamin :D

Finally, yesterday was my "day". After a long winding road, lack of sleep, restless mind, and mixed feeling for the past 6 months, finally it was ended yesterday. woohoooo!

Thank You Allah SWT, Thank you Mom and Dad, Thank you Yuris Ramadhan, Thank you my supervisor Mr. Iswandi Imran, Thank you my besties (Zeinda, Andel, Asun, Kiki, etc), Thank you my dearest Civil Engineering class 2007 friends, Thank you Manggoes Sahrodjie's and Hanafiah's and to whom give me spirit and prayer

Without you all, I won't be able to through all of these.

Gracias muchos!

and hello dear Future, I'll soon come and grab ya!

miss sunshine

Kamis, 26 Mei 2011

a story of couples

well, I just found out that there's a middle age woman who has a great experience of life. I knew her from twitter and starting to *kepo* about her life. even though it was a very complicated story (real story) yet I enjoyed to read it, I even download a PDF about her first twit until now. By reading it, you'll know every story of her life, she has a unique talent in the way she told people about her life through social network like twitter.

This is a brief of her story:
Mrs. Alexandra is a succesfull banker, her husband, Mr. Beno is a heart surgeon or lets say a cardiologist. They started to married but it didn't well so they got divorce. But after that, they realize how much they can't stand of each other being separated so they remarried and that's how everything goes. How Alex has to deal with his spoiled brat yet sweet husband? How they have to manage being separated when Beno had to go to NY for a fellowship? How they have to understand each other since they have a opposite character and they didn't want to fail for the second time? How about a child in their opinion?

haha. I started to tell te whole story, I think you should read it by your own :) I bet you can not stop reading it.

do follow @alexandrarheaw
and also download the PDF of her twits here

you'll learn many things by reading it and realize that relationship and marriage doesn't go as simple as we think.

ps: mrs. alexandra and her husband mr. beno are the hottest couple I ever know, even Prince William and Kate Middeton might not have a "cute" story like them :p

have fun reading it!

miss sunshine

twisted life

Our life is defined by our destiny. Destiny which is written by Almighty God.
We never know what will happen in the future, even for one minute ahead from now. Everything is a secret which only God who knows. We just let it flows, enjoy it, sometimes curse at it if it doesn't go well as we expected.

Life is a mystery. Upside down, that is what will happen to each of us. Sometimes we felt like we are very lucky to have a chance getting what we want. Sometimes we felt terrible when everything seem go away from us.

Believe it or not, God has its own way to make our life twisted, complicated, etc you named it. If we feel like we really want to have something then God doesn't let it to be yours,mine, orours and we'll start to feel terrible and said: why you did this God? But hey, who knows by letting something not to be yours then there will be another way that God's already prepared for us?

Maybe it is a sign from God. It is a way from God to say: "hey, you deserve better than that" or "that's not the path of your life" or "you went wrong, now I am turning you to the right way" or "be patient I give you a test, when you passed this, you'll get what you want".

Is that so?

Of course, it doesn't mean that we shouldn't do anything and just waiting until God shows the way. We have to struggle. If we deserve to earn what we had fight for it, then we'll earn it or maybe there's another way.

Maybe this is what I think when I failed of something or I haven't get what I want. I do believe that everything that happens in my life, it is my destiny from God yet still I have to struggle on it. As long as I fight for it, then when it failed I won't to be worried because there'll be a better way from me.

And also the most important thing is to feel grateful. You know, when I typed this, I am feeling grateful since I had my own laptop, internet connection, do not live under bridge or at the edge of railway, I can eat everytime that I want, I have my own car (even though it is always get on my nerves *grrrrr* upss, no grumbling please :p).

So, fight for your dreams, when it hasn't come true yet, you should believe that God leads you to another way that will be much better than now.

Enjoy your twisted life. That's how life goes!

miss sunshine

Kamis, 19 Mei 2011

Season 4 Finale of Gossip Girl :')

yesterday, i saw the last episode of Gossip Girl season 4 and it was just fsfksfjwrwe;rw',erw,rwi4294u2o4242o4 - which means I can describe it in proper or adequate words. Everything seems to be twisted.

I always love Chuck and Blair. They are so sweet to be together, but hold your breath because they aren't together at the end of this season 4 finale *sigh* even though it wasn't a happily never after ending, but I am optimistic that they're gonna be together at season 4 :D

This is the sweetest scene ever of them:
Chuck and Blair

and here is the dialogue:

Blair: Why did you just do that?

Chuck: Because of what you said earlier.

Blair: About being happy? Chuck, that’s not the most important thing. People don’t write sonnets about being compatible, or novels about shared life goals and stimulating conversation. The great loves are the crazy ones.
L’amour fou.

Chuck: Blair we’re not living in Paris in the 20s.

Blair: We both wish we were.

Chuck: There’s a difference between a great love and the right love. I left the Empire State Building last year after two minutes when you didn’t show. Louis waited all night. This is your chance at happiness. You think you shouldn’t want it ‘cause you’ve never had it and it scares you. But you deserve your fairytale.

Blair: We make our own fairytales.

Chuck: Only when we have to. You don’t. How do you feel about tonight?

Blair: Awful. I just… terrible. In fact I’ve never, felt like this before.

Chuck: Guilt. I feel it too. Maybe I’m actually growing up after all.

Blair: I didn’t wanna let you go just yet.

Chuck: Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not powerful. You’re the most powerful woman I know.

Blair: It’s taking all the power I have to walk away from you. Chuck: I know. But I need to let you go. You need to let go.

Blair: I will always love you.

Chuck: I will always love you.

aaaaaaa, they should be together, don't they?

miss sunshine

Senin, 16 Mei 2011


helloooo, it's been a while I didn't update my blog.

how's life?
yeah, kind of enjoy it, fun yet sometimes need to do something new to refresh my mind.

well, I just finished my final exam, so it means that the last semester is finally (hopefully) over and also it means my last time in college is gonna be over soon. hello, bachelor thesis! can't wait to wrap you up :)

In last Friday, I gave Yuris a birthday surprise. but not an extraordinary one. I gave my presence on his birthday :) haha. So, I went all the way from Bandung to Jakarta to give him that "so called surprise". It actually worked though since he was totally shocked.

And the next day, we had our time, just the two of us, strolling at some places which is so cool. it was fun :D


miss sunshine

Sabtu, 16 April 2011

starting the new chapter to the brighter future

yes, here we are. We are starting the new beginning of the new chapter.
Though distance comes between us, we should be strong in order to achieve our dreams ;)

I am wishing you infinity lucks. I hope you love the gift and it can boost your mood to face the brand new day.

Super good luck dear Yuris!!!!! I know you can do it :)
for the brighter future!!

miss sunshine

Minggu, 03 April 2011

enthusiasm, the one that keep you alive

life is not that easy.
it's easy when you can count on your daddy's money.
it's easy when you have everything already without struggle on it.
it's easy but don't you feel so shame by counting on other people (including your parents)?
we have our own brain and body.
we can use them to think, to act, and to do everything that we want.
also to change ourselves to be better.

life is not that easy dude.

and now the older I am, the more thoughts that come to my mind.
final assignment things, job things, future things has always "haunted" me.
Of course we can't peek our future, we don't know what God has planned for us in the future.
Yet we can know by struggle on it.
Struggle in achieving our dreams.

is it easy?
can we achieve it?
yes, definitely

something that keeps us alive.
as long as it always "burn".
nothing can stop us.

so get off from your bed and always starts your day with enthusiasm.
seize the day!

mis sunshine

Jumat, 01 April 2011

bold to be yourself

i'm not trying to be naive.
but actually, this is something that I really want to have.


Yes, I'm sort a thinking that everyone should be bold enough to be themselves.
Exploring what they really like and trying to discover it.

Bold people has their own thought on something.
they have their own willing about what they want to do in life.

yet, those are the hardest thing people to discover from themselves.
I am either :(

Well, what I'm trying to say is : be yourself!
be what you want to be, not other people wants.
don't be a follower, be an initiator.

I do believe that people should be do something which they love.
Sometimes the satisfaction in liking our own hobby/job/etc is more important than material (money).
Yet, satisfaction from the money things is very tempting though.

Follow your heart for everything that you want to do, balance it with your head and just do it!!

miss sunshine

Selasa, 29 Maret 2011

life life life

my life fulfillments are to:
1. get a job in consultant company
2. get a master degree from US/England/France/Germany/Japan/Australia
3. make my mom and dad proud
4. pay for my sister bachelor degree in Indonesia and master degree abroad
5. travel around every continent
6. take my mom and dad to Mecca (Haji)
7. buy my dream car VW polo
8. get married 3-5 years from now
9. be a great wife and mom
10. teach my son/daughter to be a great person themselves
11. build a foundation to help poor people
12. remember Allah
13. learn Quran
14. wear Hijab after married

(not numerical order)

miss sunshine

a post for YR

Indeed it is nice to have a companion in your life.
Yes, it's nice to have someone who actually cares for you.
Yes, it's really nice to have someone who always greet you in the morning, cheer you to face the day, and say sleep tight.
Yes, it's nice to have someone who understand me well.
Yes, it's nice to have someone who can be my partner to share everything that I want to.
Yes, it's nice to have someone who can be trustworthy.
Yes, it's nice to have someone who can boost your mood when you're down.
Yes, it's nice to have someone who gives advice about your future options.
Yes, it's nice to have someone who cares for your family.

Yes, it's nice to have you YR

I never regret a second of our time being together.
It's great.
Hope it will never last.
I am very grateful to meet you :*

miss sunshine
sometimes when I saw pictures of anybody, I realize something.

something that makes me want to pause this life.
something that makes me want to fast forward life.
something that makes me want to skip everything in front of me.

something that disappoint me.
something that makes me unhappy.
something that makes me wondering, am I that bad?
something that makes me cry.
something that makes me grumbling every time.

something that I want the most but it feels like I lose them.

something which is called F.

in fact I am alone :(

Am I hypocrite? Maybe.

miss sunshine

life is about riding a roller coaster

roller coaster?
fun yet scary

roller coaster?
driving our adrenaline

roller coaster?
full of surprises

roller coaster?

roller coaster?
ups and downs

roller coaster?
need a courage

roller coaster?
begins and ends

yes, it's just like a roller coaster.

at least that I always think about life.

*feeling bored right now and these things pop up in my mind*

miss sunshine

Selasa, 15 Maret 2011

Java Jazz Festival 2011

I went to JJF 2011 on 5th of March.
It was fun and actually it was my 3rd time on JJF.

I saw these following jazz singer/band:
Maliq & d'Essentials
Sondre Lerche
Jamie Lidell
Rasmus Faber and Rafa Orchestra
George Duke
Zap Mama

Sondre has a voice like a combination between Jamie Cullum and Michael Bubble.
Maliq & d'Essentials as well always gave an entertaining performance, though there was no very surprising performance from them. I was so happy since I am a big fans of them.
Jamie Lidell is a electric jazz performer I guess
Rasmus Faber and Rafa Orchestra gave a fun performance. All audience were dancing within their songs ;)
Zap Mama has a great voice and I like her performance!
Santana, oh my, I really satisfied by his performance. Even I was a bit late for the show because there was a mistake in the information board, yet I still had fun for his special show.

It was very entertaining yet tiring since I really wanted to take off my leg after the whole show was over *sigh*
What I saw from this recent year is that JJF is no longer being an exclusive music festival. It doesn't mean that it has to be exclusive. From what I've seen, I saw a lot, so many, people come to JJF, from young until adult. It's not problem, but I fell that it's no longer comfortable since every hall always full by people. I don't know if the one to blame is the promotor, the management, the audience, or no one. It's just my thought and fell free to share what you fell right?

These are some pictures that I took.
(ps: sorry if it's blurry, I took it only from my Blackberry)
and since I was a bit late for Santana show, I was standing in the back so I coouldn't get the photo of him clearly :( but I had the record when he performed "Smooth".

shimmering with my red nail art (zzzzzz)

Attractive performance from Rasmus Faber and Rafa Orchestra

what I wear: pink drappery dress (ranggamalela point); knit outwear (BTC); grey tights (ranggamalela point); pink oxford shoes (topshop); beige bag (charles & keith)

my boyfriend

Maliq & d'Essentials

I am hoping there'll be Katy Perry concert held in Indonesia with affordable price of course :p

miss sunshine

Selasa, 22 Februari 2011

3 years already

It begun with our meeting
It begun with Maliq & d'Essentials
It begun with J-Co
It begun with CJ 7
It begun with Iga Bakar Jangkung
It begun with Wendys
It begun with a night you asked me to Lantera
It begun with a statement
Will you...?

And oh my, now It's been 3 years.
Since I was still in 1st year study until now in the last of semester
Since you were in 3rd year of study until now you've graduated

It's no longer a childish relationship or whatsoever
We've through a lot of things
We laugh a lot
We fight a lot
Alhamdulillah, it hasn't break our bond.
Or I guess, never (hopefully).

There are no other words that can express how I feel, except:


always have, always will


miss sunshine

Sabtu, 19 Februari 2011


well, I love mix and matching clothes ;)
and that's why I love looklet.
Take a look of these look!
well, ehm, I create these look. hopefully you'll like it :)

as sweet as cheery pie

ready for masquarade party!

well, I am amazed :)

If you like looklet too, you can visit the website

miss sunshine

Jumat, 18 Februari 2011

Weekend, what to do?

Alhamdulillah, my first step of the final project thingy has passed! :)
Time to move on to the next step. Bismillah.
But this weekend is time to holiday, but I still don't know how to spend this weekend, my boyfriend still has to recover his body in Jakarta since his dengue fever and typhus "attacked" him, my friends seem busy with their own business, my sister busy with school thingy, my dad go to work, so it's just me and my mom at home.

I want to watch Crazy Little Thing Called Love at Blitz Megaplex though, anyone?

Anyway, enjoy your weekend guys!
and for my boyfriend: get well soon cal :* Je t'aime

Being idealistic or realistic?

Is it a tricky question? Nope. Indeed it's what we are going to face in the reality of life.
Yes, what will you choose? realistic? idealistic?

Here's mine.
but first, question:
What will you do when you're graduate from college?
Working in a company which serves you high salary and promising position?
Doing job which you love without thinking the salary things or being an entrepreneur?

I relate the realistic, idealistic things with that.
I'm still confuse anyway.
Well, I have an interest to work in civil engineering consultant even though the salary may not be as high as if we works in Oil and Gas company.
Also, I have a dream to have *someday* a clothes store of my own.
But, I also have an interest to work in Oil and Gas company. I see a lot of adventures while I'm working there and of course promising my future.

Sometimes we think that we want to enjoy our job later on. Money is not the important part of the equation but our satisfaction is more. But, will you sacrifice all of the opportunity ahead you, to chase your ,let say: uncertainty dreams. Why am I saying that? yes, we don't know when our dreams will comes true, that's why it's called uncertainty dreams.

What will you choose if you have this opportunity at the same time?
Opportunity to working in a job which you love but with limited salary or opportunity working in a multinational company with high salary but you'll working all the time *being a workaholic*?
That's why I'm questioning in the tittle of my writing.

It's not easy. I know
But one thing I know, everyone should have a dream! that's what will keep us alive.

Happy dreaming,
and enjoy your life
do what you want to do
and not just for yourself but for others whom you love and for this nation :)

miss sunshine

Kamis, 10 Februari 2011

and this journey has come to an end

if there's a beginning, then someday there'll be an end

Thank you for the amazing 10 months
Thank you for coloring my life
Thank you for the happiness and sadness
Thank you for the endless learning, I learn a lot

Thank you y'all :)


miss sunshine

Rabu, 09 Februari 2011

October Journey

Suddenly, I want to tell you guys about my October Journey hence I haven't tell you the stories completely. Alhamdulillah, I got this opportunity and I'm so proud of my self :) In 9th of October I visited Berlin, the capital city of Germany. Of course it is very different with Erfurt. Berlin is a huge city with high citizen density. If you come to this city then you'll see many sky scrapper buildings. If we compared it to Jakarta, it's the same but of course much more modern in Berlin. I was amazed by this city and also amazed by the weather. It was freaking cold when I visited Berlin. The sun did came out but I hardly feel any warm. The wind was enough to make me not to take off my jacket and tighten my scarf. brrrrrrrrrrr. Me and my friends (Indonesian and Germany friends) as well as our Professor went to Berlin by train. After a long winding road (it means for almost 2,5 hours) then we arrived at Berlin train station which is called Berlin Haupbanof.

After that we went around the city. We saw the parliament building. There was a long queue when we were there. There were so many people want to go inside the building and because of that long queue we didn't intend to get in the bulding. I still took a picture in front of the parliament building though. Anyway, this building is called Reichstag building Then we went to see the "Berliner Mauer" It was the famous Berlin Wall which separate the West and East Germany. The wall was no longer exist but I saw the wall that used to be there. I took a picture there and indeed I stepped my foot in the "Berliner Mauer" :) We also visited the Brandenburg gate. This is one of the most famous place in Berlin. Lots of tourist here. Since we only had one day to explore Berlin city, our germany friends decide to take us by the double dekker bus to travel around Berlin. Yeah, it was a city safari. It cost 10 euro per person. We just sit down and voila! we can take a look whole Berlin. At first it was fun and as time goes by it kind of boring (sorry mates). I thought it'll be more fun if we can just walk by our own foot and visit each of those places. I thought it'll be more memorial with that. But unfortunately we only have one day :( someday I have to get back to Berlin again!! This is some place that I saw during the safari:
the famous cathedral


Charlie's point

One day I have to visit not just Germany but whole Europe! Amen.

miss sunshine