Selasa, 29 Maret 2011

life life life

my life fulfillments are to:
1. get a job in consultant company
2. get a master degree from US/England/France/Germany/Japan/Australia
3. make my mom and dad proud
4. pay for my sister bachelor degree in Indonesia and master degree abroad
5. travel around every continent
6. take my mom and dad to Mecca (Haji)
7. buy my dream car VW polo
8. get married 3-5 years from now
9. be a great wife and mom
10. teach my son/daughter to be a great person themselves
11. build a foundation to help poor people
12. remember Allah
13. learn Quran
14. wear Hijab after married

(not numerical order)

miss sunshine

a post for YR

Indeed it is nice to have a companion in your life.
Yes, it's nice to have someone who actually cares for you.
Yes, it's really nice to have someone who always greet you in the morning, cheer you to face the day, and say sleep tight.
Yes, it's nice to have someone who understand me well.
Yes, it's nice to have someone who can be my partner to share everything that I want to.
Yes, it's nice to have someone who can be trustworthy.
Yes, it's nice to have someone who can boost your mood when you're down.
Yes, it's nice to have someone who gives advice about your future options.
Yes, it's nice to have someone who cares for your family.

Yes, it's nice to have you YR

I never regret a second of our time being together.
It's great.
Hope it will never last.
I am very grateful to meet you :*

miss sunshine
sometimes when I saw pictures of anybody, I realize something.

something that makes me want to pause this life.
something that makes me want to fast forward life.
something that makes me want to skip everything in front of me.

something that disappoint me.
something that makes me unhappy.
something that makes me wondering, am I that bad?
something that makes me cry.
something that makes me grumbling every time.

something that I want the most but it feels like I lose them.

something which is called F.

in fact I am alone :(

Am I hypocrite? Maybe.

miss sunshine

life is about riding a roller coaster

roller coaster?
fun yet scary

roller coaster?
driving our adrenaline

roller coaster?
full of surprises

roller coaster?

roller coaster?
ups and downs

roller coaster?
need a courage

roller coaster?
begins and ends

yes, it's just like a roller coaster.

at least that I always think about life.

*feeling bored right now and these things pop up in my mind*

miss sunshine

Selasa, 15 Maret 2011

Java Jazz Festival 2011

I went to JJF 2011 on 5th of March.
It was fun and actually it was my 3rd time on JJF.

I saw these following jazz singer/band:
Maliq & d'Essentials
Sondre Lerche
Jamie Lidell
Rasmus Faber and Rafa Orchestra
George Duke
Zap Mama

Sondre has a voice like a combination between Jamie Cullum and Michael Bubble.
Maliq & d'Essentials as well always gave an entertaining performance, though there was no very surprising performance from them. I was so happy since I am a big fans of them.
Jamie Lidell is a electric jazz performer I guess
Rasmus Faber and Rafa Orchestra gave a fun performance. All audience were dancing within their songs ;)
Zap Mama has a great voice and I like her performance!
Santana, oh my, I really satisfied by his performance. Even I was a bit late for the show because there was a mistake in the information board, yet I still had fun for his special show.

It was very entertaining yet tiring since I really wanted to take off my leg after the whole show was over *sigh*
What I saw from this recent year is that JJF is no longer being an exclusive music festival. It doesn't mean that it has to be exclusive. From what I've seen, I saw a lot, so many, people come to JJF, from young until adult. It's not problem, but I fell that it's no longer comfortable since every hall always full by people. I don't know if the one to blame is the promotor, the management, the audience, or no one. It's just my thought and fell free to share what you fell right?

These are some pictures that I took.
(ps: sorry if it's blurry, I took it only from my Blackberry)
and since I was a bit late for Santana show, I was standing in the back so I coouldn't get the photo of him clearly :( but I had the record when he performed "Smooth".

shimmering with my red nail art (zzzzzz)

Attractive performance from Rasmus Faber and Rafa Orchestra

what I wear: pink drappery dress (ranggamalela point); knit outwear (BTC); grey tights (ranggamalela point); pink oxford shoes (topshop); beige bag (charles & keith)

my boyfriend

Maliq & d'Essentials

I am hoping there'll be Katy Perry concert held in Indonesia with affordable price of course :p

miss sunshine