Senin, 27 Desember 2010


BFF stands for Best Friend Forever.
Do they really exist?
well, i have them, Alhamdulillah :D i have them since i was in high school and we keep our bonding until now and forever of course. We call ourselves OKKE.

here they are:

Meet Zeinda, my very best friend to share my story with. She's in management major and I do believe she's gonna be a great businesswoman later on :) She has a realistic thought and quite ambitious. I believe you'll soon visit Paris, don't worry ;)

Meet Rizki, I call her qingqong. She has a superb talent in mixing and matching clothes. Yes, we call her stylish! She just had a wonderful journey to Japan which she had dreamt about ;) She's major in pharmacy. She's still looking love of her life. aha *just kidding*. She rarely been angry, that's cool! I believe she can travel around the world soon!! as she wanted ;)

Meet Annisa, I call her Asun. She's gonna be a doctor someday and I'll be her patient of course ;) She has her own Sundanese accent. She talks with her accent which is funny ;) haha.

Meet Andelissa, I call her andel. She's in urban planning major. She's a quiet person, rarely to speak yet sometimes when she talks it sounds funny. haha. And now she's already with someone which makes us confuse how that person can get close to her ;) but well, congrats! She likes to take a picture (of us of course) with her SLR. yay!

Meet Yupi, I call her ipuy. She's a law student. She's very fun, attractive, and fussy. She likes to tell us funny stories about her and it makes us laugh of course. She loves to bully people-especially nene and ape (not in harsh mean-don't worry).

Meet Rera. She's now decide to wear hijab. She's studying in urban planning, just like andel. She's a calm girl (really ra?). She's a very organized person. and one thing, she also has a naturally mother wanna be ;)

Meet Cintya Naya, I call her Naya. She studies medicine in Lampung. So it rarely for us to meet. She's a tomboy woman ;) Oh, she loves to play music instrument ;)

Meet Medi. She's gonna be a dentist someday. She's a shy girl and less talk. oh, and she's very tall, much taller than me. I 'm wondering why.

Meet Annisa (2), I call her hap-hap. Hap-hap is very busy and he rarely gather with us. She used to be funny but time has gone by and everyone change. She's also decided to wear hijab. Alhamdulillah.

Meet Tri Mulya, I call her nene. She's a very fun person. every moment turns out to be hillarious when she's around ;) She loves to eat eat and eat. we love to make fun of her since she's very patient. by the way, she's a new member of OKKE!

Meet Widya, I call her Ape. She's studying law and she's the new member of OKKE. She has a loud voice. Thus, when she talks everyone across our table can hear it (hyperbolic :p ). She's very funny!

These are my BFF. I am grateful to have best friends like them. We used to hang out even though it is hard to meet with our busy-ness.

i love you guys :*
miss sunshine


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