Minggu, 23 Januari 2011

Dear Mom and Dad

Dear Mom,
I know you gave me a birth
I know you took care of me since I was in your belly (sorry for the wrong word :p) until now my age is 21
I know that home will be a mess without you

I know you quit your job to take care of me and be a full time mother and wife :)
I know you are my friend to share my story with and best partner for shopping
I know you are upset when I act awful to you
I know you always tough for the hardest condition of this family
I know you love cats very much

I know you always support me in every of my decision
I know you always tell me to struggle in achieving bright future

and I say Thank You kazillion times for those you have done to me and I can give any return except my promise, to make you happy in my future.

Dear Dad,
I know you never ever took my class grade report since primary school until high school
I know you are the strongest dad that always try to make your family happy
I know you less talk but always try to show that you love me and it's very sweet
I know that you had been pay for my education, no less!

I know you always support me in everything

I know you are also my partner of discussing the future
I know you are always waking up in the early morning and never get late! wew!

I know you always hug me in the morning before you left for work
I know you are a sleepy man I know you are proud of me ;)

and I say Thank You kazillion times for those you have done to me and I can give any return except my promise, to make you happy in my future.

I know that you guys always try to make me and my sister happy
I know you both never ask any return for what you had been doing
I know you both are amazing
And I'm sorry if I always act like I'm not feel grateful for what I already have

I'm sorry for being selfish if I want something and didn't care about your feelings

I do care about both of you
I love you both so much :)
I will keep my promise
I will make you proud


miss sunshine

Selasa, 18 Januari 2011

bismillah, ready set go!

Final assignment yeah yeah yeah!
This is the first step: Preface and Literature Study

wish me luck!!!!!

miss sunshine

rafting agogo!!

Last Saturday, I experienced rafting. At first, it was kind of scary, but indeed it was so much fun!!!!
You should try it guys.

get ready for the adventure, yeah!


Anyway, this rafting is located in Situ Cileunca, Palayangan River, Pangalengan, Bandung.
I think they don't have official website. But you can check it here


miss sunshine

Jumat, 14 Januari 2011

it is not easy dude, so much distraction

Well, well, well, if you read my previous post, I said about my target to be graduated on July 2011. In order to achieve that, I should made research (final assignment). And, it need to be started since this week. My supervisor lecture told me and my friends, which is also supervised by him, that we have to do preface seminar in 1st week of February> aaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~

At first I thought it won't be difficult, but now, YEAH, it is hard to start. auuoooooo.
It need a lot of motivation and energy to do it *sigh* Besides that, it needs an ability to make a sentence and elaborate them into a good paragraph. Hey, I'm not a writer *so what am i doing now??*

Just like today, actually, I have to start finishing my preface, but what am i doing?
At first I want to do it, then the distraction begins. first, when I saw twitter's time line, everybody talked about what lecture will they take in the last semester, and suddenly I wanted to open ol.akademik.itb.ac.id and started to fill my KRS (choose what lecture I'm gonna take). Is it end? nooo, then suddenly I was searching about full bright scholarship. Indeed I found full bright master degree program to US, france, and etc. I began to download it. wohoooo, then I start my "preface" thingy *BIG LIE!! suddenly I remembered that I haven't write in my blog for couple days. Then voila, I began to browse and browse and browse. I added Feedjit and ShoutMix to my blog. cool huh? what the?? *absurd*
Okay,then I realised I spend 4 hours using (wasting-red) my time with very very very a little progress in my preface *sadly*

aaaaaaaaa, well my boyfriend said this (from twitter):

Here is the translation:
Me: Oh my, today I am feeling so lazy, I do not know why
Him: Move on! Do your final assignment!!
Me: I tried to gather my intention. It is so hard
Him: Welcome to "final assignment" world ! But you can not lazy!!

It sort of boost my mood, but hmmmmmmm
First, I have to take a shower. ahaha. bye.

miss sunshine

Kamis, 13 Januari 2011

yes, i am the best ! (for my self)

Well, I've been through 7 semesters in Civil Engineering-Bandung Institute of Technology! Indeed it was a long,rough, and winding road up until I will (hopefully) get my bachelor degree this year. Amen :)

And in this end of semester, everybody (my friends) start to count their GPA. Some of them get average, some of them get better GPA, and some of the get worse GPA than before.

Well, how about mine?

For sure, I made a target in the beginning of 7th semester. But it made me a little bit down when I knew my mid semester exam grade was below class average :'( It short of made me feel bad. I knew that it was the effect I went to Germany for a week and skip one week lecture. One of my friend said that either.
Yet, when I thought about it all by myself, actually, nothing should be blamed for causing my grade went down. It was me who couldn't manage my time to study. Indeed, I won't be regret to have a such great opportunity. Sometimes chances only come once, right? I won't trade my great chance (visit Germany) last year with anything!! Nope, never! I am lucky to get it!

Then, I struggled in the second half semester, tried to catch up my grade and finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I reach my target, Alhamdulillah. It doesn't mean I had an extraordinary GPA this semester but I am happy with my achieving :)

I don't care whether my other friends get a highest GPA or what. Moreover, I succeeded to reach my target and I'm so grateful of it.

I think, I am the best! (for my self) :)

And yes, this is it, 6 months step to fulfill my college journey.
Start with Bismillahirahmanirahim and wait for me, I soon will get my bachelor degree ;) Amen.


miss sunshine

Rabu, 05 Januari 2011

trip to Bogor

holiday, yeah it something that I really need after this tiring and stressful semester. Me and my boyfriend decided to have holiday in Bogor. We also spent time with his parents and it was sweet :)

We spent a day in Bogor. We went sightseeing and ate in some places. We called it "wisata kuliner".

First was PIA-apple pie :3
You must try apple pie and chicken pie. soooooooooo heavenly great :9

yummy. apple pie and chicken pie :)

yuris' dad, mom, and yuris

Then, next destination was Death by Chocolate
You have to try death by chocolate for only Rp 48.000. The taste is sooooooo yummmyyyyyy. You should try the tester also :p

me at death by chocolate

Last but not least, macaroni panggang
We had lunch in here. What I recommend? hmm, baked macaroni of course :)
"macaroni panggang"

nice place ;)

FYI, the owner of these places is the same! wooooo. The service was really nice either. You should try to visit Bogor and these 3 places ;) And they didn't open any branch. So in order to taste apple pie, death by chocolate, and baked macaroni you should visit Bogor.

Minggu, 02 Januari 2011

New Year


Did you have a great new years eve?
well, mine was strange yet funny.

well, I was in Jakarta when new years eve. Actually, me and my boyfriend didn't have any plan for new years eve. Our plan was to just enjoy holiday in Bogor and Jakarta. We thought that maybe we could celebrate NYE with his cousin. But who knows that his cousin already had plans to celebrate NYE. Then we had plan to go to central park because my friend told me that there were a huge fireworks there when christmas and maybe at NYE too.

So, at the afternoon, we were hanging out with my boyfriend's mom, sister, and nephew in Gandaria City. We had lunch and accompany raysa (his nephew) whom she very active and like to run everywhere. She just 2,5 years old but very clever :) We spent time in Gandaria City and it went late, until 6.30 pm. Then we went home to send off my bf sister and nephew. But you know what?? We stuck in the traffic jam because unluckily the traffic lights was off. We got stuck until the car couldn't go forward. We stuck almost more than two hour then we decided to turn over and thorugh another road and it worked, Alhamdulillah :) And finally we reached my bf sister home. aaaaaaa, finalllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Since we were very hungry, than we ate together. And we got home and through 00.00 am in our way home. This is very silly yet drive us crazy. haha. This will be an unforgettable moment. Anyway, I love freworks and I thought I couldn't see it because this bad traffic jam. But hey, I saw it in our way home, fireworks everywhere. Yeah, it made my day for a little bit :D

Happy New Years everyone :)
Here it is some of my resolution for 2011 :
1. Graduated in July 2011 and get bachelor degree (bismillah)
2. Take French course ;)
3. Take TOEFL test and the score reach > 550
3. Do my hair make over (cutting or coloring) hehehe
4. Be more grateful and mature
5. Wise in spending money
6. Holiday to Jogja or Bali and go abroad again :D
7. Get a job after my graduation ;)
8. Make everyone whom I love happy :D

What's yours?
Whatever it is, try to reach it because nothing is impossible

miss sunshine