Minggu, 17 Oktober 2010

10 things i love about Erfurt:

10 days experiences which i had through was amazing :D alhamdulillah..
whether i should through almost 20 hours flight! *sigh* and five hours difference in time *oddly,i didn't feel any jet lag at all,or i didn't realize it? hmmm*

and what the greatest thing is? the weather was amazing when i were there. actually, it is autumn season with a freezy wind *brrrr* but there was no rain at all!!
the professor and the students told me that me and my friends had a good luck because 4 weeks ago there were bad rain and it caused floods!!!! wew!!!

City which i visited is called Erfurt. It is the capital of Thuringen state.
what i love about this small beautiful city?

10 things i love about Erfurt:
1. the ambience: not to crowded

2. the unique thing: parking on half of side walk

3. shopping place :D

4. bruhler garden!

5. the tram, i adore them

6. stylist people everywhere, including stylist couple whom i love (so sweeeeeettt)
7. fischmarkt shop, i love this cute shop!

8. nice people (meet caroline,marlen, and esther)

9. everybody loves bicycle in here!!

10. great view!

miss sunshine

Rabu, 13 Oktober 2010

auf wiedersehen germany unt willkomen indonesia !!!

helloooooo, it's been a while i'm not updating my blog..

well, i just back from germany :D i have so many experience there, gain new friends, felt the new environment which is very different with indonesia..

i have so much to tell in my mind and i kind of confuse where to start.
but i will (promise) share my incredible stories while i spent my time in Germany, specifically in erfurt, eisenach, and berlin.

since i am having exam this week, i can't share that much, but next week i will :D
this some photos that i took (i chose it randomly), more detail on the next post in my blog :D

anger 1 : place to shop :D

oktober fest wew!


kramerbrucke bridge

anyway, wish me good luck for my exam this week pleaseee, i'll appreciate it -_____-"


miss sunshine