Kamis, 13 Januari 2011

yes, i am the best ! (for my self)

Well, I've been through 7 semesters in Civil Engineering-Bandung Institute of Technology! Indeed it was a long,rough, and winding road up until I will (hopefully) get my bachelor degree this year. Amen :)

And in this end of semester, everybody (my friends) start to count their GPA. Some of them get average, some of them get better GPA, and some of the get worse GPA than before.

Well, how about mine?

For sure, I made a target in the beginning of 7th semester. But it made me a little bit down when I knew my mid semester exam grade was below class average :'( It short of made me feel bad. I knew that it was the effect I went to Germany for a week and skip one week lecture. One of my friend said that either.
Yet, when I thought about it all by myself, actually, nothing should be blamed for causing my grade went down. It was me who couldn't manage my time to study. Indeed, I won't be regret to have a such great opportunity. Sometimes chances only come once, right? I won't trade my great chance (visit Germany) last year with anything!! Nope, never! I am lucky to get it!

Then, I struggled in the second half semester, tried to catch up my grade and finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I reach my target, Alhamdulillah. It doesn't mean I had an extraordinary GPA this semester but I am happy with my achieving :)

I don't care whether my other friends get a highest GPA or what. Moreover, I succeeded to reach my target and I'm so grateful of it.

I think, I am the best! (for my self) :)

And yes, this is it, 6 months step to fulfill my college journey.
Start with Bismillahirahmanirahim and wait for me, I soon will get my bachelor degree ;) Amen.


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