Rabu, 29 September 2010

skype for the first time :D

this is our first silly skype :D
finally i'm using skype, it's been a week since he left for banjarnegara, glad for technology, alhamdulillah :D

add my skype: ima.andari :D

Jumat, 24 September 2010


responsbility is something that easy to say but hard to do.
but i do believe when we have a sincere heart to do it, everything will be much easier.
sometimes we feel it's ok, but in the other side, we feel that it's enough! i'm tired..
and i have through that kind of feeling, a lot! but when i felt upset about it, i become more tired.
there are no such thing as a perfection. no one is perfect!
why can't we just deal with it, go with it? everyone has a limit and a condition. why don't try to compromise with it? why?
i do believe everyone has already struggle to do the responsibility. please understand it.
this responsibility that we already through has change A LOT ourselves,yourself, and either mine.
when we're tired, please think that we have already change something, build something, in togetherness.
trust! that what we need to have.

dedicated for those who feels tired

miss sunshine

Sabtu, 18 September 2010

yes, it's him

when i first saw him, i never knew we're going to be together this long..
call it love is blind, but i guess it's not that.
my heart says he is the one :)
well, i hope it'll be last forever, me & you

dear yuris ramadhan

Seni seviyorum

Ich liebe dich

je t'aime

te quiero

i love you

miss sunshine

Jumat, 17 September 2010

eat up!!

my sis with her milo drink

my boyfriend with kevin :)

bon appetite!

Kopi Lay

me and him :D

dad with Kopi Lay

my boyfriend with Kopi Lay either

me with??

my sis and my dad, do they have any resemblance?

my cute cousin, Kevin..

vannila+cheesecake ice cream with almond topping mixed up!

eat, eat, and eat. this is what i do everyday and it becomes crazier at moment like eid mubarak -___-"

yesterday (17th september), me and my family spent our day at Paris Van Java *never been bored :)) *
we spent time in 4th different place, or maybe 5? i can't even remember since we just ate and ate..yummyyy..

and my bf also joint this incredible moment with my family

first, we had lunch at red bean
then, me and my bf ate ice cream in cold stone..yay!
then, we ate pretzel in aunties annies, and my cousin kevin can't barely sat, he went everywhere by crawling and everybody in PVJ started to look at him and laugh..haha oh, look at his face..
next is kopi lay... me,my dad,my sis,and my boyfriend was eating in kopi lay while my aunty,cousin,and other was enjoying indonesian food

we ate like almost 5 times!! wooowwww, i don't want to know my weight now huaa T.T
and of course we all had a great time :)
and i did shop :) i bought bag from sogo and scarf from smoothies..yay!


"do spend your time in moment like this with whom you love, because it's priceless!!"

miss sunshine

Kamis, 16 September 2010


Friendship is one of incredible things that i have in my life.

"Never waste your besties, they're the one who will stand by your side and don't judge you no matter what"


well, now is 16th september and i'm so happy because my germany visa has been approved. yay! alhamdulillah :)
and it's 2 weeks to go. i can't even imagine i'm going abroad, finally!! hehehe..

my mom and my dad is so proud of me, i can feel it, they seems happy to tell everybody else about how i am about to go to germany. mom and dad always ask me everyday whether my preparation is completed yet or not. they are over-excited i guess. thus, i have to make them really proud and not dissapointing them. yes, i can do it!

in order you want to see about university which i'm about to visit, you can see this website:

Selasa, 14 September 2010

lace-en up!


i love lace and i've found a perfect match, yes it's jeans..haha

what i wear:
lace shirt (chocolate), jeans legging (unbranded), black ankle boots (in her shoes), brown sling bag (ranggamalela point)

blast in eid mubarak!


well, for everyone in my life, happy eid mubarak! have a great lebaran with whom you love :)

since now my internet is unlimited, so i'll try to keep my blog updated..woohooo

i have a blast eid mubarak, alhamdulillah, i have a chance to spend so much time with my lovable family and it's the 3rd lebaran i through with my bf even we have to spend the day in separate city..

this is the picture with me and my family during eid mubarak, so much fun!! :)

ps what i wear:
white blouse (omara), grey legging (pantys), studded grey flat shoes (the little thing she needs), brown sling bag (ranggamalela point)