Jumat, 18 Februari 2011

Being idealistic or realistic?

Is it a tricky question? Nope. Indeed it's what we are going to face in the reality of life.
Yes, what will you choose? realistic? idealistic?

Here's mine.
but first, question:
What will you do when you're graduate from college?
Working in a company which serves you high salary and promising position?
Doing job which you love without thinking the salary things or being an entrepreneur?

I relate the realistic, idealistic things with that.
I'm still confuse anyway.
Well, I have an interest to work in civil engineering consultant even though the salary may not be as high as if we works in Oil and Gas company.
Also, I have a dream to have *someday* a clothes store of my own.
But, I also have an interest to work in Oil and Gas company. I see a lot of adventures while I'm working there and of course promising my future.

Sometimes we think that we want to enjoy our job later on. Money is not the important part of the equation but our satisfaction is more. But, will you sacrifice all of the opportunity ahead you, to chase your ,let say: uncertainty dreams. Why am I saying that? yes, we don't know when our dreams will comes true, that's why it's called uncertainty dreams.

What will you choose if you have this opportunity at the same time?
Opportunity to working in a job which you love but with limited salary or opportunity working in a multinational company with high salary but you'll working all the time *being a workaholic*?
That's why I'm questioning in the tittle of my writing.

It's not easy. I know
But one thing I know, everyone should have a dream! that's what will keep us alive.

Happy dreaming,
and enjoy your life
do what you want to do
and not just for yourself but for others whom you love and for this nation :)

miss sunshine


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