Selasa, 19 Juli 2011

LET ME HEAR YA! GRA GRA GRADUATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16th July 2011,
Alhamdulillah dear Almighty Allah.

Thank you:
- Mom and Dad

- My sister, Ila

- Yuris Ramadhan

- My super bestfriends: Zeinda, Asun, Andel, Ipuy, Nene, Dita, Dinda, Rera, Medi, Naya, Hap2, Ape, Kiki

- My great friends: Civil Engineering class 2007



Without you all, I won't be like this and 16th July 2011 won't be my one of greatest day.
It is not me who special, but it is you who make me feel special :*

I am grateful for everything that has happened since I stepped my foot in Ganesha :") This is not the end, surely it is a new beginning of a beautiful life ahead.
Bless me God.


miss sunshine


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