Kamis, 26 Mei 2011

a story of couples

well, I just found out that there's a middle age woman who has a great experience of life. I knew her from twitter and starting to *kepo* about her life. even though it was a very complicated story (real story) yet I enjoyed to read it, I even download a PDF about her first twit until now. By reading it, you'll know every story of her life, she has a unique talent in the way she told people about her life through social network like twitter.

This is a brief of her story:
Mrs. Alexandra is a succesfull banker, her husband, Mr. Beno is a heart surgeon or lets say a cardiologist. They started to married but it didn't well so they got divorce. But after that, they realize how much they can't stand of each other being separated so they remarried and that's how everything goes. How Alex has to deal with his spoiled brat yet sweet husband? How they have to manage being separated when Beno had to go to NY for a fellowship? How they have to understand each other since they have a opposite character and they didn't want to fail for the second time? How about a child in their opinion?

haha. I started to tell te whole story, I think you should read it by your own :) I bet you can not stop reading it.

do follow @alexandrarheaw
and also download the PDF of her twits here

you'll learn many things by reading it and realize that relationship and marriage doesn't go as simple as we think.

ps: mrs. alexandra and her husband mr. beno are the hottest couple I ever know, even Prince William and Kate Middeton might not have a "cute" story like them :p

have fun reading it!

miss sunshine


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