Kamis, 26 Mei 2011

twisted life

Our life is defined by our destiny. Destiny which is written by Almighty God.
We never know what will happen in the future, even for one minute ahead from now. Everything is a secret which only God who knows. We just let it flows, enjoy it, sometimes curse at it if it doesn't go well as we expected.

Life is a mystery. Upside down, that is what will happen to each of us. Sometimes we felt like we are very lucky to have a chance getting what we want. Sometimes we felt terrible when everything seem go away from us.

Believe it or not, God has its own way to make our life twisted, complicated, etc you named it. If we feel like we really want to have something then God doesn't let it to be yours,mine, orours and we'll start to feel terrible and said: why you did this God? But hey, who knows by letting something not to be yours then there will be another way that God's already prepared for us?

Maybe it is a sign from God. It is a way from God to say: "hey, you deserve better than that" or "that's not the path of your life" or "you went wrong, now I am turning you to the right way" or "be patient I give you a test, when you passed this, you'll get what you want".

Is that so?

Of course, it doesn't mean that we shouldn't do anything and just waiting until God shows the way. We have to struggle. If we deserve to earn what we had fight for it, then we'll earn it or maybe there's another way.

Maybe this is what I think when I failed of something or I haven't get what I want. I do believe that everything that happens in my life, it is my destiny from God yet still I have to struggle on it. As long as I fight for it, then when it failed I won't to be worried because there'll be a better way from me.

And also the most important thing is to feel grateful. You know, when I typed this, I am feeling grateful since I had my own laptop, internet connection, do not live under bridge or at the edge of railway, I can eat everytime that I want, I have my own car (even though it is always get on my nerves *grrrrr* upss, no grumbling please :p).

So, fight for your dreams, when it hasn't come true yet, you should believe that God leads you to another way that will be much better than now.

Enjoy your twisted life. That's how life goes!

miss sunshine


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