Jumat, 24 September 2010


responsbility is something that easy to say but hard to do.
but i do believe when we have a sincere heart to do it, everything will be much easier.
sometimes we feel it's ok, but in the other side, we feel that it's enough! i'm tired..
and i have through that kind of feeling, a lot! but when i felt upset about it, i become more tired.
there are no such thing as a perfection. no one is perfect!
why can't we just deal with it, go with it? everyone has a limit and a condition. why don't try to compromise with it? why?
i do believe everyone has already struggle to do the responsibility. please understand it.
this responsibility that we already through has change A LOT ourselves,yourself, and either mine.
when we're tired, please think that we have already change something, build something, in togetherness.
trust! that what we need to have.

dedicated for those who feels tired

miss sunshine


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