Jumat, 17 September 2010

eat up!!

my sis with her milo drink

my boyfriend with kevin :)

bon appetite!

Kopi Lay

me and him :D

dad with Kopi Lay

my boyfriend with Kopi Lay either

me with??

my sis and my dad, do they have any resemblance?

my cute cousin, Kevin..

vannila+cheesecake ice cream with almond topping mixed up!

eat, eat, and eat. this is what i do everyday and it becomes crazier at moment like eid mubarak -___-"

yesterday (17th september), me and my family spent our day at Paris Van Java *never been bored :)) *
we spent time in 4th different place, or maybe 5? i can't even remember since we just ate and ate..yummyyy..

and my bf also joint this incredible moment with my family

first, we had lunch at red bean
then, me and my bf ate ice cream in cold stone..yay!
then, we ate pretzel in aunties annies, and my cousin kevin can't barely sat, he went everywhere by crawling and everybody in PVJ started to look at him and laugh..haha oh, look at his face..
next is kopi lay... me,my dad,my sis,and my boyfriend was eating in kopi lay while my aunty,cousin,and other was enjoying indonesian food

we ate like almost 5 times!! wooowwww, i don't want to know my weight now huaa T.T
and of course we all had a great time :)
and i did shop :) i bought bag from sogo and scarf from smoothies..yay!


"do spend your time in moment like this with whom you love, because it's priceless!!"

miss sunshine


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