Rabu, 13 Oktober 2010

auf wiedersehen germany unt willkomen indonesia !!!

helloooooo, it's been a while i'm not updating my blog..

well, i just back from germany :D i have so many experience there, gain new friends, felt the new environment which is very different with indonesia..

i have so much to tell in my mind and i kind of confuse where to start.
but i will (promise) share my incredible stories while i spent my time in Germany, specifically in erfurt, eisenach, and berlin.

since i am having exam this week, i can't share that much, but next week i will :D
this some photos that i took (i chose it randomly), more detail on the next post in my blog :D

anger 1 : place to shop :D

oktober fest wew!


kramerbrucke bridge

anyway, wish me good luck for my exam this week pleaseee, i'll appreciate it -_____-"


miss sunshine


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